Airsoft Guns – Getting the Coolest Looking Airsoft Gun Possible

Every Airsoft enthusiast knows that to be a great Airsoft player you must have the coolest looking airsoft guns. I mean, who would ever want to compete with a dude with a little piece of plastic sticking out of his head? To help you decide which is the best airsoft gun you can own. Of course, there are plenty of other considerations to make when choosing an airsoft gun. The most important of which is the most important: Do you want to compete or just play?

For example, if you are just looking for something to have fun with it would be best to go with an airsoft gun that looks like it was made by a military contractor. The less visible it is and the cheaper it is, the better. And since you can always get an extra feature added onto any airsoft gun for extra money, you will also want to make sure that you get a gun that has an ocular sight or even a scope attached to it. You may also want to look at the type of firing mechanism that is on the airsoft gun. There are two basic types of mechanisms, rotary firing systems, and belt-fed systems.

Rotary firing systems require a special type of ammunition that is not compatible with the rest of the most professional airsoft gun companies. In my opinion, it is much more fun to use a belt-fed system.


Belts feed magazines into a feeding device. Then the magazine is dropped to the base of the gun and the bullet goes into the barrel. In order to be able to fire the weapon a selector switch needs to be turned on and all you need to do is push the right button in order to get a fully automatic firing rate. The advantages of belts are many. It is far easier to clean a belt-fed system than a rotary one. The muzzle blast is also cleaner because there is no space between the barrel and the weapon. I know this sounds so obvious, but I am just talking about the reliability of the weapon’s performance. You would not want a belt-fed system that shoots a malfunctioning round every four rounds. Of course, that is an extreme scenario, but it does happen from time to time and some serious ammo malfunction has to be expected.

So what is your excuse for not cleaning your gas port after each game? There is a very simple answer.

First of all, replace your gas port cover every game and then remove the old one and purchase a good plastic barrel brush to keep it clean. You want to make sure that your gas port is properly sealed so that the cartridge cannot leak past it and cause damage to the rifle. If you have a coil spring system, clean it out every game as well. As I said before, this is all a very basic overview of the two main systems used in making the best airsoft gun on the market today. But that is what you want to know. You will be excited to learn how you can customize your weapon with just a few accessories. Keep in mind that all Airsoft Guns and AEGs are not created equal. There are some good ones and there are some that simply do not belong in the same competition as a metal gun or that is simply too expensive. Read more about the best airsoft guns.