How Politics Works


Parties can be divided into two major categories – national and local. Parties may also fall under these categories: conservative, progressive, and so on. The following paragraphs will look at different party types and how they work with the American political system.

The most important party is the Democratic Party, which has a long history of holding sway. The Democrats have the most votes in the House of Representative and are the majority party in the Senate. This makes the Democrats a very powerful force. Both the Democrats and Republicans use their political power to pass laws that benefit them, like the Affordable Care Act, the Fairness in Education Act, and the National Labor Relations Act. The Democrats generally hold the White House, the Senate, and control of the House.

The right-wing party is also known as the Republicans, and they were founded in 1854. Their major influence was the Whig Party, but the Democrats were not far behind. Although they were originally created to oppose slavery, the Republicans gradually shifted to support small businesses and free markets.

A third party, the independent, is considered the third party, because they do not belong to either of the two major parties. They typically have more moderate views and are less influenced by either one. Many people think of the independent party as being too politically radical for most voters. However, the Independent Party holds sway in a few states, including Alaska and Vermont.

While there are other third parties out there, we will focus on the two major ones. These categories are the ones we will discuss in this article.

Each of these parties has an impact on the American political system. Depending on where the party stands, it can sway the direction of our government. It can determine what policies are passed and implemented by our representatives. And it can have a significant effect on how our economy functions.

The Democratic Party is the party that the majority of Americans call “the Democratic Party”. The Democrats were founded by socialists who believed in equality before the law, economic justice, and an equitable distribution of wealth and power. They want to redistribute wealth by making the rich pay, lowering tax rates, and regulating the banking industry. They are also against the war, corporations, and free trade.

The Independent Party is the party that most Americans are familiar with. Most Americans call them “the Tea Party”. They are known to advocate smaller government, fewer regulations, and lower taxes, and individual freedom of choice. They want to limit the power of the federal government, lower taxes and make it easier for people to start their own businesses.

Parties have an influence on the way our government works because they help determine the agenda of government. Most of the people involved in our political process vote based on the party that they support. When the party they vote for loses, so do they. So, when they support a candidate, they get something.