How to Download Networking Softwares

When I first hooked up my wireless router, my mind started going crazy coming up with awesome things I could do, such as running networked games between two wi-fi enabled desktop PCs and the wireless laptop, or offering my neighbors cheap Internet access.

In this article, I’m going to cover 4 free WiFi software downloads that will help you better exploit any Wi-Fi network you may come across, whether it’s at home or connected to a

Make a Secure Connection With LucidLink

Before you get started on a Wi-Fi network – particularly a public Wi-Fi network – you need to have bagas 31 that you’re protected from any other system that’s also connected to that network. The first thing you want to do is take Karl’s friendly tech advice about

Beyond that, there’s also an excellent free software application called LucidLink that detects the security settings of the network that you’re connecting to, how to configure your wi-fi settings to properly connect to the network and it also warns you if the network presents a security risk.

The main screen of the LucidLink Client looks like any other standard Wi-Fi client that detects any available Wi-Fi network near you. If the network isn’t properly secured, LucidLink lets you know.

Now, if you’re looking to “borrow” someone’s unsecured Wi-Fi network to check your email, this message would be expected. But if you’re connecting to your own home network and you get this error – it’s time to read Aibek’s article on how to secure your wi-fi network.