How to Play EZ2 Lotto?

On this segment you will figure out how to play EZ2 lotto utilizing the card and not simply by requesting that the lotto teller play your number wager physically.

The following is what an EZ2 play slip resembles:

EZ2 Play Slip

The play slip has various parts that we will experience them individually.

Let us start with the playing area The card has areas “A”, “B” and “C” as demonstrated as follows:

A solitary EZ2 play have 3 playable Sections (A, B and C).

Under each Section contains 2 segments of number arrangements of 1 through 31. https://lotterysambadtodays.in

Every one of these segments speaks to the digits. That implies, the left segment of Section A, for instance is the First Digit, and the other segment of numbers is the subsequent digit. If it’s not too much trouble see beneath:

EZ2 2-Digits

In the model over, the chose first digit is the number “14” while the subsequent digit is the number “27”

The right-most, limited section in the model above is the “AMT” (Amount) segment. This demonstrates the measure of wager that the player will play.

Wager sum can extend from Php10 up to Php500 per game!

In the base column of each segment is a LP and a VOID.

On the off chance that some way or another you committed an error denoting your numbers, you can “void” that Section to check it unplayable and continue utilizing the following Section, model, Section “B”

The “LP” is utilized on the off chance that you need the framework or pick a number for you “Fortunate Pick” (I for one call it ‘Lotto Pick’).

There is an area found in the left half of the play slip card that is known as the “DRAW” and the “SYS BET”:

Under the SYS BET area, you have an alternative to stamp (empower) “Rambolito” in the event that you need to play the EZ2 Lotto System wager. https://lotterysambadtoday.net

The base play sum is PHP 12.00 per 2-number blend.

You win PHP 4,000.00 for each Php12.00 play, if your chose 2-number blend coordinate the triumphant 2-number mix in accurate request.

In the event that you have chosen the triumphant 2-number mix and have picked the “Rambolito” match, you dominate PHP 2,000.00 for each PHP 12.00 play. lottery sambad

In the “DRAW” segment, you have an alternative to play ahead of time draws.

In playing by means of Advance Draws, mark what number of back to back attracts you need to play in the DRAW board.

You can play similar numbers and play type for six (6) continuous draws. Pay Php12.00 for each play per draw. SWERTRES RESULT 3D Latest Official PCSO Swertres


Standard Play (getting every one of the Two numbers attracted precise order) PHP 4,000.00

Rambolito PHP 2,000.00

EZ2 Example/Review

How about we survey the procedure on the most proficient method to play EZ2 Lotto. Here is a model wagered for EZ2 lotto. Allow us to dissect:

Imprint every one of the important boxes with a vertical line. On the off chance that a blunder is made, mark the “void” box to show that the board is dropped

You win if the number blend you chose matches the drwan mix in precise request.

Standard Bet

Select and mark number on every one of the tow (2) arrangements of 1 to 31 numbers on an area/board. Imprint likewise the sum on the AMT section. Least wager is Php10.00 per determination and you will P4,000.00

Rambolito Bet

Imprint the “Rambolito” under the SYSBET. On the off chance that you need to buy at the mixes of your chose 2 numbers. Least wager is P10 for all mixes. There are 2 mixes and you will P2,000.00

Win More

Stamping P20 on the sum section will twofold your prize and checking P30 will significantly increase your prize, and so on.

Various Draws

mark the proper box under DRAW. Stamping 3 draws implies that the ticket is substantial fro the present draw and the following 2 draws

This model shows that the picked number mix is (rambolito) 14-27 and 27-14.

The 4 Draws are checked. That implies that this ticket is legitimate in the present draw and the following 3 succeeding draws.

Step by step instructions to Claim EZ2 Prizes  swertres results

On the off chance that you are one of the fortunate individuals who got the 2 number accurately, asserting your prize cash is simple:

Simply go to your closest Lotto outlet to guarantee prizes adding up to P10,000 and underneath.

You can guarantee prizes of more than P10,000 to any PCSO Provincial District Office.

The EZ2 Lotto results can be seen on this site, posted just after the Live Draw by the PCSO