How to Select a Good Caterer


If you are thinking of catering your own parties, it is important to choose a good catering company that can provide you with a quality service. Catering services are available for both large and small events. Usually, only state governments which allow in-home caterers usually require residents to acquire a catering permit. To get an appropriate catering permit, applicants must pass a written test proving that they understand food safety regulations including the temperature at which food items should be stored, how to properly dispose of food particles and proper hygiene rules pertaining to food handling and disposal. It is also important to make sure that all of your food suppliers are FDA approved as well as certified to do so.

Food safety standards include: ensuring that the food is ready to eat and that all utensils, knives, spatulas, forks and spoons have been sterilized; using temperature regulating equipment to ensure that cooking methods and equipment are in compliance with national and state guidelines; maintaining cleanliness in the kitchen; providing enough food and cleaning up after use; and ensuring that the food has been prepared and packaged in a manner that will preserve its freshness. In order to satisfy these standards, a caterer can employ a number of techniques to ensure that the food is safe and healthy for consumption.

Proper storage of food is one of the most important aspects of catering services. When food is being prepared, it is stored in refrigerated containers. This will ensure that the food remains safe for consumption when being used in a party. Refrigerated containers are also placed in a controlled environment where employees are kept away from the food to avoid cross contamination, especially if someone accidentally spills any liquid.

To ensure the cleanest possible food preparation, it is important that your catering service to hire the services of a professional caterer who has their own cleaning equipment. Cleaners can provide services in the form of cleaning the floors, appliances and cooking equipment, and cleaning up after each guest and serving. Cleaners also provide the necessary equipment to prepare food in a hygienic condition.

Preparing food in a hygienic environment and ensuring the highest level of cleanliness is vital to the success of any catering service. Most cooking utensils should be sanitized before and after each use. Utensils that are used on food may have germs or bacteria on them that can potentially cause illness to a diner if not cleaned.

Proper storage of food is also a necessity when food is prepared in a home. Proper storage ensures that the food does not spoil or become rancid if it has not been cooked properly. In addition, it prevents the possibility of food particles from becoming stuck in utensils which can cause cross contamination during storage. Proper storage also prevents food from melting altogether, which will result in a loss of the original flavor of the food. It also makes cleaning up after the guests easier by preventing food particles from seeping through the top layer of plastic covers on containers and food.