The Monster Energy Supercross The Official Video Pc game 3 Review

The Monster Energy Supercross The Official Video Pc game 3 Review

Monster Energy Supercross— The Official Videogame 3 is certainly not an elegant name: it’s a blunderbuss of slogans and buzzwords talking like a prosecutor unified by text. It is a decent game though, not exactly the same as the equally decent pair of Supercross games Milestone released in 2019 and 2018. It’s a lot more of a loop along the same path.

Following the four-wheel driver’s year-long cadences which deliver authentic licensed motor racing encounters, such as WRC and F1 Supercross 3, the’ Murica, n’ Monster Energy-fuelled Tone of the AMA Supercross Championship is a severe and qualified crack to catch motorcycles atmosphere. Yeah! If you’re traveling back and forth throughout the United States and you don’t have the stamina you need for Death Stranding, maybe it’s your pace more in https://oceantogames.com. Somewhere, in any direction, the pants of Norman Reedus catch.

The Monster Energy Supercross The Official Video Pc game 3 Review

Back in the Saddle

The pace and direction perception is one of the greatest attributes in Supercross 3, and I appreciate the ability to make only small speeds in crowded, stadium-like courses blistering and risky-with up to two douze other riders shoulder-to-shoulder. Something is changing about how the earth flaps and the garments of the riders flying about their neck as the drivers smash the air that sells everything.

Naturally, returning fans know that this tiny, flourishing graphic was one highlight of the Supercross series creator Landmark since the brand debuted in 2018 and is one of many which go all the way down from the track editor into what appears to be the same collection of butt patches.

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That being said, Supercross 3 from Supercross 2, outside HUD token transition, are separated by certain variations here. The improved bike control is first and foremost. Motorcycles sound more linked to the floor than in earlier editions that seem a little floating towards the back wheel, but it doesn’t seem to be a huge difference.


Monster Energy Supercross 3 is a small but strong two-wheeled bike with good atmosphere and a high sense of pace that is sadly challenging and difficult to master. But the fact that the two previous ones are largely as good makes it more difficult to recover the heart rate, whether or not the maximum safe daily monster dose is exceeded.